What is a DeVersal

The DeVersal is a revolutionary product with superior strength & durability. It was designed with the sole purpose to make life with  your portable devices easier. The DeVersal extends up to 18 inches and is now available with 3 separate attachments for all your mobile devices. The DeVersal can mount to just about anywhere. The super strong suction cup can attach to all nonporous surfaces, we also have our additional attachment that comes with straps so that you can attach to those porous materials as well. Hey why not wear the additional  attachment for some handsfree vlogging. There are virtually so many applications for this product. Wait there’s more!!!! We’re about to launch our Beta version of the New DeVersal Wrist Mount. That means no more trying to struggle getting that device out of your pocket. With our strong Rare Earth Magnets built right into the wrist mount and metal plates to go on either your case or trendy pop sockets, you can now be fully handsfree. Click the link at the bottom of the page to see how you can receive one of these amazing wrist mounts.

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